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A company maintaining servers for its information database often runs the risk of losing data when the possibilities for technology failure are not mitigated. These data losses often result in large financial detriments to a business. For instance, a clothing company may keep data about its customer base which it accumulated for 5 years. As a basis for new designs, this customer database may be the information foundation of their design team. The loss of such data could cost them revenue advantages over their competitors over time. This is why server management......

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Outsourcing web hosting support has been the buzzword in the IT field for more than a decade. Where it was initially about the administrative and sales processes being outsourced to outsourcing hubs like India and the Philippines, outsourcing has now become the norm in all areas, both technical and non-technical, and web hosting support is no exception. So what’s the case for outsourced web hosting support With the competition between web hosting providers, heating up, these companies must look about providing, essential services to their market share and become different from other......

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