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Linux is a world-renowned operating system used in web-facing computers. Netcraft’s data from August 2019 suggests that Linux runs on approximately 75% of servers. The internet is powered by Linux. The digital world belongs to Linux since its conception, and its hold is still ironclad. Hence, to keep your data protected, Linux server security is the key. Additional authority is a well-deserved reward for accommodating the added inconvenience of securing your Linux servers. It is not a herculean task to secure your servers. Knowing simple Linux server security and Linux hardening can......

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cPanel is extremely well known all around the world as a user-friendly control dashboard that assists with all of your web hosting server requirements. Hosting providers as well as customers hold cPanel in high regard as the perfect solution to lay to rest all of the web hosting management troubles. With cPanel, you do not need complex technical knowledge in order to run your website or server. You can make various changes through the graphical interface cPanel provides, which is both visually impressive and easy to navigate 1. Advantages of cPanel cPanel......

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cPanel is a world-renowned control dashboard that employs a user-friendly interface based on the web. It is highly recommended by web hosting providers and users alike as an easy-to-go solution delivered at an affordable cost. If cPanel did not exist, running your server or website would have been cumbersome without obtaining technical knowledge. Understanding the nitty-gritty of complex technical terms can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Hence, cPanel allows you to use a graphical interface to administer and manage your hosting environment without any technical knowledge. What is server management? Server......

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