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Slow load times aren’t always caused by server bottlenecks, but your user’s experience can still be badly impacted by your server response time. It does make a difference. In some cases, your website’s performance can be threatened by the load times of your server. If you haven’t already, it is crucial for you to start investing in optimizing your response time. How do you define server response times? Well, to begin with, server response time, also known as SRT, stands for the amount of time it takes to elicit a response by......

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Your online security needs to be completely fortified. You need to keep your website safe by updating your web applications regularly, surrounding your network with firewalls, and take into consideration your server and hosting agent’s security. These precautions are necessary because your website is prone to attacks, as is the website hosting service that you use. It can be attacked by phishing, viruses, hacking attempts, and intrusions. So your IT department, as well as hosting service, needs to proactively fend off the malicious attacks on your server. At the end of the......

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It is a complex process to keep a tab on performance, utilization as well as all the maintenance issues that might occur. As you establish your infrastructure, more complications from components like messaging, server, authentication, and database, come out of the woodwork. Dealing with a couple of servers can easily be handled manually. However, when the number is somewhere in the hundreds or thousands, a tool is needed to save you time and manpower. Administrative tasks such as configuration, installation, patching, monitoring, and many more can be sped up using a smart......

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Linux Server security is one of the most important ways to avoid your data from being hacked. You do not have to worry if you’ve not secured your data before. It is an uncomplicated process. The most efficient method is one that has a systemic administration along with absolute server protection from any attacks. You cannot be cavalier about data security. A majority of well-protected servers can be hacked through any vulnerability in the system. Hence, you need to take extra measures to ensure that your Linux Server protection does not leave......

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