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application server and web server

What is Server? A central archive that stores computer programs and data that can be accessed by clients is called a server. It provides various facilities such as connecting your various workstations with shared services, as well as, assists you in managing the resources of your network. You can also provide your clients with various resources such as software, hardware and data sharing. The servers are divided into two types namely Web server and Application server.  The Web-server The HTTP protocol is handled completely by the web server. When an HTTP request......

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advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing includes hiring a third party to handle certain business responsibilities instead of getting new employees on board or setting these responsibilities to the staff within the company. It is a well known strategy implemented by many businesses to rein in costs and gain assistance with operations that handle crucial functions. The tasks that you assign to a third party can be a regular operation in your business such as contracting a firm that provides catering rather than hire cooks. It could also be an occasional outsourcing task such as getting an......

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server migration

What is Server Migration? A transfer of data from one server to a different one is called server migration. There are several factors such as replacement of equipment, security problems, and many others, that lead to the decision of server migration. Technological experts are responsible for successfully migrating your server as they are well acquainted with migration, maintenance and upgrading your server. You need to put sufficient thought into your server migration. While most of you might opt to take an expert on board to migrate your server, if there is a......

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database administrator

Database administrators help the organisation decide the most systematic and productive way of gathering, organising, processing and storing data. Their responsibilities include directing and supporting the database structure, database server configuration, securing data of the organisation, server software installation, and creating data backups to avoid loss of data. Here are some of the most efficient steps you can take to ensure better database administration. Build delegation models and delegate to efficiently You need a good blueprint of your delegation system to keep a track of which individual or group is given what......

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