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A good amount of security is already in place once your OS is installed, which is a relief because hackers are incessant in their attempts to gain access to your server’s and accounts. They attack businesses of all shapes and sizes. They could attempt to gain access to your database or infect it with malware.  If you shoulder the responsibility of protecting your server, you’ll find solace because Linux is secure in and of itself. Unfortunately, there are still vulnerabilities that can be exploited even if it is one of the most......

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When you own a business, you have to face both highs and lows regardless of how much you plan, prepare, or try to anticipate problems to avoid them. There will always be issues that will surprise you, and that rise faster than you can find a solution. In cases such as these, remote server support can be a boon that helps save the day.  Having a quick and efficient remote server support team on standby at all times to help your business, regardless of your location has transformed computing as we know......

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server monitoring tools

Every business needs an efficient server monitoring system to ensure its smooth functioning. A sloppy IT monitoring system can lead to many issues cropping up that can be easily avoided by the employment of the perfect tools. Regardless of the size and sophistication of your setup, monitoring devices are a necessity, even if the website you run is owned by you. Several software ranging from commercial to open source are available to help you monitor your system and let you know of any imminent issues, and also fit into your price range.......

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