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What are the main Responsibilities of a Database Administrator

The database administrator is also known as a DBA. It has several roles to play and various tasks to accomplish. The entire responsibility of the database system, including securing, managing, and maintaining it falls on the shoulders of the DBA. Hence, before we dive into the job of a DBA, let’s take a moment to understand what DBA really means. Who is a Database administrator? A DBA could be a single individual or an entire team that is tasked with the maintenance and all duties pertaining to the database system. The amount......

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cPanel hosting incorporates Cpanel installation which is basically Linux web hosting. cPanel has its set of advantages and disadvantages, but it is highly compatible with most of the users and it is one of the best options in the market if you’re searching for the best control panel. If you opt for this option, here’s what you can expect. It is highly straightforward to get used to and to employ in real life. It is a real time saver and highly cost-effective. It is built through testing by experts and has software......

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Server monitoring software helps you keep a tab of and map out the performance of your server. This helps your users to pinpoint and resolve any issues regarding application hosting as well as performance, along with finding changes in the server’s performance. This monitoring is conducted through memory allocation, CPU application, etc. followed by noting the difference between the monitored data and the optimum performance expected by the server admins or the software.Server monitoring tools are employed to boost server performance to the optimum level and help identify issues to avoid downtime.......

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web server secure

The security of your web server is of utmost importance to assure that your business does not experience data loss due to malicious attacks and hacking. Once hackers find their way into your system, they have free reign to abuse your data as they see fit or redirect your traffic to malicious sites that cause irreparable damage to your reputation and website. Web hosts are responsible for various elements of server management, including server security. Below we list seven ways you can make your server safer and more secure from any malicious......

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