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server monitoring

Server monitoring is conducted by administrators that handle the responsibility of surveilling server availability around the clock and keeping a tab on crucial application’s functioning, such as CPU, disk and memory monitoring. It’s vital for these administrators to be experts at monitoring the performance of your server, and how to deal with any issues that might pop up. What is server monitoring essential? Every organisation has servers built into the core of their network and business infrastructure, so any problems with the server can negatively and immensely affect the business and the......

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While selecting a web hosting provider, most people do not take into consideration the aspect of hosting support. The main features that are focused on involve ample security, the guarantee of utmost performance and maximum uptime. With all of these features offered to you, hosting support takes a back seat because you assume it’s unneeded.  However, web hosting support is something that you will need eventually with all kinds of web hosting providers. There will always be issues cropping up that you require assistance in handling. An efficient support team basically helps......

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Your website speed is linked to an increase in sales, traffic and a rise in your rank on search engines. However, to boost your website’s speed, it is important to first find out the problem areas that are slowing it down. Here are 5 tools to enhance your website’s performance by finding the areas for improvement. These tools are a great asset for beginners and experienced professionals to help figure out the slow parts of the website. To optimize your performance you can utilise a blend of these tools. Below we introduce......

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