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Tech support is the backbone for the smooth functioning of your relationship with the customer. Once the customer buys your product or service, they can easily use tech support to contact you in case they encounter a problem with the product. The problem could include having tech issues or errors. The customer needs it to be resolved as quickly as possible so that it is not a hindrance to their work. The tech professionals that you employ should be able to solve any problem they are asked to deal with regarding configuration......

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An online business involves various complex processes to run successfully. You need maximum uptime and record delivery speed for all of your products and services. You also need to ensure round the clock tech support access, plus keeping on top of core tasks such as staff evaluation, accounts, training, sales, billing, marketing, etc. More often than not, company staff are so preoccupied with dealing with tech support tasks that they do not have time or energy to focus on core elements that would boost their growth and revenue.  Several businesses bring in-house......

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A server uses the local network or the internet to go through requests and provide data to the relevant device. Web server is the most renowned kind of server where anyone with internet can access web pages through a web browser. There are many kinds of servers like the ones that store data called file servers. A server provides information in the form of data to devices that are connected to it. Local area network, also known as LAN, or wide area network called WAN is used to connect clients to a......

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The simple ways are most often the best ways to get the job done. Website security is always a concern that hangs over your head and keeps you up at night. Unfortunately, the more you research about all the threats to your website, the more complicated information you’re going to come across along with ridiculously complex solutions as well. However, you can keep your website safe by employing some of the most simple tasks. Here are 8 crucial things that will help protect your website and can be easily done. 1. Public......

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server migration

Transferring your entire database from your previous server to your configured new one is called server migration. In the web hosting world, server migrations could include several elements such as web server set up, making copies of websites, etc. Hence server migration is one of the most important aspects of growing your business and accommodating its increasing needs. Why opt for server migration? You might consider transferring your server to a new one due to multiple reasons. These reasons could include bringing in added scalability that a cloud allows as compared to......

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