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What are the advantages of having a dedicated IP for your website

This article will help you in understanding the advantage of having Dedicated IP address for your Website. A Dedicated IP address is something that is given to your website and is not shared with any other websites. Let’s take a fresh look at the advantages of having a Dedicated IP address: 1. Quick admission to the website: You might want to view your website immediately with FTP sometimes. You can view your server remotely at any point if you have a dedicated IP address. There may be times when you need to see......

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Your IT infrastructure needs hardening so that it can be immune to any malicious attacks on your infrastructure and abide by the regulations. Every day hackers use different techniques to launch cyber-attacks on websites and information systems. In order to lower these ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks, various information systems, specifically, servers, require to be protected by the process of hardening. IT ops are usually the ones to put the Hardening security measure into place, even though it is required of the security team. If you’re meaning to harden your security system, you......

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