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Servers are the backbones of the technological world. They work all day long, every day to help you accomplish your goals. However, similar to any other machine out there you need to maintain it to ensure optimum performance. Basic maintenance of your server and its subsequent monitoring can help you in avoiding any problems. Precaution as always is better than a cure, which means that you shouldn’t start your server maintenance once your server has crashed, but rather quite a while before it. To add to your crash if your backups aren’t......

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What is Server migration? Basically, server migration refers to a way of migration where data is transferred from one server to another. It includes choosing a server and configuring it so as to change over from your current one. This is accomplished by making copies of websites onto the new server and switching the DNS so that all the visitors will end up on the new server. Various businesses that are based on data have to opt for server migration at some point in time. Since the data in question is highly......

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Website hosting can be quite a difficult task. There will be problems that creep up and in those instances, if you do not have good customer support from your web hosting service, then you could end up in hot water and find it difficult to navigate. Since customer support holds such an important position in the whole operation, it is imperative that you choose a web hosting service that has a good support team. Here are some of the ways that customer support holds an important place in the growth of a......

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