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Top 8 Simple Steps To Secure Your WordPress Website

It’s important to secure your website if it’s an online website. A website’s security against hackers and other threats is of utmost importance. The importance of security must be given top priority if WordPress is your content management system (CMS). As you can see, WordPress is a secure content management system (CMS), even though it has several serious security flaws. When you take the proper precautions, dealing with WordPress security is simple. In this article, We will go into detail about the most prevalent and harmful security flaws connected with using WordPress.......

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What is Load Balance and How does it work

Load balancing is nothing but distributing the income network traffic across a group of backend servers, which is also known as a “Server farm or Server Pool” As you can see, modern high-traffic websites have servers that can handle hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of concurrent user requests and provide the necessary text, photographs, videos, or application data in a timely and reliable manner. Modern computing is a best practice that often necessitates the addition of extra servers to cost-effectively grow to meet these high loads. A load balancer serves as......

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Best 5 Essential Tips To Secure Web Application Server

It’s important to safeguard your website and web application server a secure web application server will keep your data and website safe from hackers. Nowadays, protecting your data and website from hackers is critical. As your data is so vital that if it gets leaked or scarred by a hacker. Many of these hazards are easy to disregard, while others are unfamiliar and might take you off guard. To help prevent this from happening, we’ve compiled a list of critical measures for keeping web application servers as secure as possible. Before we......

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Differences between MariaDB vs MySQL

We’ll look at the fundamental differences between MariaDB and MySQL, two popular and widely used databases. We know that MariaDB’s fork was created to ensure future access to MySQL and the development of the database. Here we will look at the primary differences between MariaDB and MYSQL that you should be aware of before proceeding. What is MariaDB? MariaDB is a database management system that is open-source. The (RDBMS) provides data processing capabilities for both small and large business tasks. The MariaDB Foundation created MariaDB, which was released on October 29, 2009. MariaDB......

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