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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Infrastructure Management

What is cloud infrastructure? Cloud infrastructure includes all software and hardware components required for cloud computing, such as: Server Storage Networking Resources for virtualization A cloud infrastructure type typically also includes a UI (User Interface) for handling these virtual resources. Cloud infrastructure, also known as cloud architecture, includes a broader range of platforms and settings, such as private and hybrid clouds. What is cloud infrastructure management? Cloud infrastructure management includes the process and technologies required to properly allocate and provide critical resources when they are needed. A notable example of such a......

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6 Key Differences to Consider When Choosing Shared or Dedicated NOC Support 

The dilemma of shared versus dedicated support framework frequently emerges while seeking outsourced NOC (Network Operations Center) support. An organization typically intending to outsource its NOC functions wants to know whether the web hosting support engineers are dedicated to the firm or shared among numerous clients.  Choosing between dedicated or shared support is a function of determining how much task and work the NOC requires. At times, when assessing critical metrics, the ideal model is sometimes more or less obvious. And other times, different aspects to consider are firm-client-specific expertise, security checks,......

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