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Freelancing allows you quicker professional advancement prospects as a website developer. You are also free to decide on your client, remuneration, place of employment, and a lot more. By providing website maintenance packages, you can provide your clients with something of value while earning steady revenue. Observing website performance on a regular basis, backing up the data, and other tasks are all part of website maintenance. While companies are required to maintain their websites up to date and safe from harmful attacks, many lack the time or desire to do so themselves.......

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The number of web hosting providers and solutions available in the market can make it a tad confusing to pick the right one. Your customers are seeking for your guidance on which hosting type to select because each one offers advantages and optimal use cases. Make sure your customers are prepared for success. Fortunately, with the right amount of research, you cannot go wrong with your decision in selecting a hosting plan for you and your clients. In this post, we will be going through the different types of hosting solutions to......

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The internet is populated by scammers who constantly scan your website for security flaws of any size. They are looking for an opportunity to break in and spread malware and virus to the website. Basically, this malicious intention is to access personal information or to hold your website a hostage to acquire a ransom. However, it is now a bit simpler to ward off such risks using straightforward and occasionally free technologies like virus scanners and testing for web application security. We’ve created this 5-step cybersecurity checklist to assist you in creating......

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A typical expectation that anyone has while looking at a website is for a positive experience and simple navigation through the website. But, not every website owner meets these basic expectations. The layout of your website immediately affects the experience of the users. The web site’s structure has a direct impact on sales, revenue, and bounce rates.If the navigation of the website is easy to use and engaging, visitors will stay on it longer. Website Navigation: What is it? The navigation of a website is a group of UI (User Interface) components......

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How frequently have you tried putting yourself in your customer’s position and yet found it difficult to comprehend what they want? For your customer’s website to be visible to any user, you require web hosting. However, choosing the ideal web hosting server that matches your customer’s needs may need a bit more research. In this post, you will understand different types of hosting servers and how to select the right one for your customer. Types of hosting appropriate for various clientele 1. Shared Hosting Shared hosting can be suitable for your customer’s......

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The list of activities you must manage as a CEO of a start-up is endless and includes marketing and sales, finance, and IT. Information security is one of the neglected but today’s important issues. If there is nothing to stop it, cyber attacks will become a piece of cake. The number of individuals working from home is increasing, and cloud security is expanding. Information security is now given top priority across all key industry segments. As a startup, you should choose to apply for a variety of security solutions to obtain scalable......

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