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What is Server Management?

Server management involves keeping a track of and supporting servers so as to enable optimum performance. Server management also includes backups, hardware, security and software. The main reason server management is vital lies in its ability to reduce, or in some cases, entirely get rid of downtime and lag in the system. It also ensures that company guidelines are upheld by the servers as the business continues to grow. Server maintenance also boosts the security of the server environment.

One of the newest features of server management is mapping out your server capacity. It is unnecessary to provide too much of your server’s capacity, as it will lead to additional hardware costs with its resources going to waste, as well as paying exorbitant fees for support. On the other hand, you need to ensure you have resources on hand if there are sudden spikes in demand. So ensuring some extra resources does help.

Server maintenance involves not only looking after computing needs but also other aspects such as the physical network. It is also crucial that you have enough actual space to house your equipment while ensuring power supply as well. Staff requirements also fall under the server management responsibilities. All of these elements together help build the foundation of your business and help its steady growth. Hence, it is vital that the server management tool that is selected must be highly compatible with the company.

System admins receive huge aid from server management software in monitoring hardware availability, patches that need to be updated, software licence expiration, and automatic warnings when someone installs software that hasn’t been approved.

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Our Server Management Service

eTechSupport Server Monitoring & Management service is ideal for web hosting companies needing to focus more on sales and grow their client base rather than juggling with web server tasks. This service covers every aspect of your server to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for your website and customers. Our team remotely handles all of your server technical issues involving configuration, optimization, security – all bundled with 24/7 server monitoring.

By hiring a professional service provider like eTechSupport to take care of your Linux/Windows servers round the clock, you leave those hassles to us and can fully concentrate on your business growth. With round-the-clock service, you can get in touch with a server  administrator even through instant messengers as we would not want you to worry about submitting tickets in case of emergencies.

Monitoring in server management

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Server monitoring includes keeping track of various resources of the server such as disk and CPU usage, network, memory utilisation, etc. Getting to know the amount of resources the server uses through server monitoring assists in planning the overall capacity. Server monitoring is automatically done using server monitoring software. Keeping a tab on the performance of the server also pinpoints various other problem areas such as downtime, undue resource usage and response time.

The main aspect of server environment management is all of the server monitoring being accomplished using a single interface from a particular workstation. It is also vital that the hardware data is collected in real-time. Server monitoring software provides immediate reports regarding how much memory and processor is being used and the amount of disk space still available. In addition to this, you should be able to observe which processes your server is operating, plus the resources consumed by them. The monitoring tool you select must be able to send SMS or email live alerts if there are any issues flagged during data evaluation so that there can be immediate response dispatched.

It is, therefore, crucial to monitor your server as it will alert you of data loss and server availability as well as responsiveness. It also helps determine the speed and user load of the server to help identify and eliminate any problems that could threaten the smooth functioning of your server.

Service Process

24x7 Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring allows our technicians to respond to server or service failure within 15 minutes.

Proactive Updates

We undertake updating of Operating System, Control Panel, Web Server, and Database software.

Performance Analysis

Our technicians also monitor server performance and analyse logs to diagnose poor performance.

Performance Tuning

To fix recurring performance issues and optimize server settings periodically for optimum performance.

Service Includes

24x7 Server Management

15-minute Emergency Response

Server Log Analysis

Control Panel Updates & Server Patches

Cross Browser and Platform Testing

Initial Server Optimization

Nameserver and DNS Management

cPanel Server Management

Web Services Monitoring - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP

24x7 Server Monitoring

Standard Server Software Updates

Complete Hosting Support

Performance Tuning

Scheduled Maintenance

Hardware Failure Restoration

Server Administration Tickets

Installation of 3rd party software

Kernel Upgrades

Why choose etechsupport?

Etechsupport provides support for every single server along with around the clock monitoring and rescue. It has a record time of 15 mins response to alerts and thorough monitoring for security. Initial system tuning and hardening along with regular server updates and 911 patching are some of its other renowned features. Etechsupport also offers backup monitoring and security audits. Performance tuning, hardware fault resolution and website monitoring and rescue are some of its well-renowned features. You can also avail yourself of 25/7 on-demand support with website maintenance and primary website fixes. Infrastructure setup and design are also provided by etechsupport along with server or application migrations, mail error fixes and cluster/ LB maintenance. You can greatly benefit from etechsupport’s SSL setup and rentals, as well as server user management.

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