Top 5 web server monitoring tools

server monitoring tools

Every business needs an efficient server monitoring system to ensure its smooth functioning. A sloppy IT monitoring system can lead to many issues cropping up that can be easily avoided by the employment of the perfect tools. Regardless of the size and sophistication of your setup, monitoring devices are a necessity, even if the website you run is owned by you. Several software ranging from commercial to open source are available to help you monitor your system and let you know of any imminent issues, and also fit into your price range.

Some of the Top Web Server Monitoring Tools to choose.

1. Nagios

Nagios is one of the most well-renowned web server monitoring software in the industry. It keeps a tab of the health of your server. It is a monitoring system that keeps an eye on the operating systems, system metrics, the performance of the entire structure, and applications, in real time. All kinds of applications that you have set up in-house can be monitored by Nagios XI as it has several third-party plugins at its disposal. Nagios has various monitoring features such as visualizations that are made possible due to its healthy monitoring engine and top-grade web interface. Nagios’ key advantage of the fact that it gets a birds-eye view of your entire network operator and server. Plus it is free of cost, which combined with its advanced monitoring features and various reporting and configuration choices makes it one of the best monitoring tools.

2. Datadog

Datadog acts as a service provider while being a cloud monitoring tool. It aids IT teams in monitoring the whole system, along with applications, servers, cloud deployments, and networks. It is the perfect match for monitoring technology and IT services. It provides a deep look into how the allotments, services, networks, and applications of the company are working. You can combine this data tool with many different servers, and cloud environments like SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange servers.

3. Zabbix

Zabbix is a Linux-based open-source monitoring tool that you can avail yourself of free of charge. It is a top-notch monitoring tool that helps you keep a tab on your services, cloud services, networks, and applications. It is one of the best web server monitoring tools. Its best feature is that it uses the web interface to configure directly, instead of going the roundabout way like Nagios to engage with other tools to manage text files. Zabbix also offers brilliant metrics such as CPU usage, temperature, available disk space, and the status of your network. It also provides you with a wide variety of templates to use for well-known servers such as Lenovo and Dell, as well as operating systems like Linux and Solaris. Zabbix is popular for its amplification of monitoring capabilities through the option of putting complicated triggers in place to alert you in case of any problem.

4. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a performance monitoring platform that is based on SaaS. It provides thorough server monitoring. It detects all the network interfaces and devices automatically, along with more than 1500 integrations of storage, cloud deployments, database technologies, network hardware, and server. It also features volume utilization, memory and CPU alerts, and visualization of per-second data requests. LogicMonitor’s monitoring solution sports various servers such as Linux, IBM AIX, Microsoft Exchange, and Windows.

5. Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor

The security, applications, server infrastructure, and databases are all monitored by SolarWinds. It offers monitoring solutions for backups, visualizations, server configurations, servers, and disk space. Its predefined templates applicable to several cloud services and various kinds of servers provide the major step up to their SolarWinds Server as well as application monitor, as it allows them to begin in a short span of time. Based on your setup, you can customize these templates. It is a thorough system for all the various virtual servers, including hybrid, cloud, and on-premise ones, to be able to switch to other tools and take care of VM Sprawl. These tools can also be used for data analysis, event monitoring, and capacity planning by employing dashboards and alerts.

6. PRTG Network Monitor

It can help you with your complete IT infrastructure analysis due to its all-encompassing monitoring solution network. It is exceedingly user-friendly and has features that help monitor your applications, devices, servers, and traffic. You do not have to add any plugins since it has everything for all businesses, big and small. It also provides real-time monitoring services for every kind of server. This helps to keep a tab on reliability, availability, capacity, and accessibility. You can monitor your mail with upwards of 12 sensors provided by the PRTG network monitor. You can also monitor Microsoft SQL, MySQL, as well as Oracle SQL with the range of sensors provided. 20 sensors are also offered to help you monitor your file server.


Every environment is unique and requires server monitoring with different needs. The size of your business is one of the factors to take into consideration. Monitoring is a crucial element of every business, especially IT infrastructure. Features such as server monitoring and network connectivity can provide a boost to your business while also keeping it safe.

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