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eTechSupport is a Managed Services Provider specialising in services like Web Hosting Support, Server Administration, Management & Monitoring, Live Support (Ticket Support - Chat Support), Database Administration, Remote Backup Configuration & Management and Migration as a Service.

Server Management

Top 9 Tips for Server Maintenance

Servers are the backbones of the technological world. They work all day long, every day to help you accomplish your goals. However, similar to any other machine out there you...

November 19, 2021
Tech Support India

Infrastructure Security & Hardening

Your IT infrastructure needs hardening so that it can be immune to any malicious attacks on your infrastructure and abide by the regulations. Every day hackers use different techniques to...

October 07, 2021
Server Monitoring

Linux server monitoring

It is the job of the admins to determine the cause of the Linux server’s reduced speed. There could be several potential causes for it. Could be a hardware issue,...

September 09, 2021
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