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eTechSupport is a Managed Services Provider specialising in services like Web Hosting Support, Server Administration, Management & Monitoring, Live Support (Ticket Support - Chat Support), Database Administration, Remote Backup Configuration & Management and Migration as a Service.

server migration
Server Management

A Complete Guide to Server Migration

Transferring your entire database from your previous server to your configured new one is called server migration. In the web hosting world, server migrations could include several elements such as...

August 02, 2021
server monitoring
Server Monitoring

Server monitoring best practices

Server monitoring is conducted by administrators that handle the responsibility of surveilling server availability around the clock and keeping a tab on crucial application’s functioning, such as CPU, disk and...

July 23, 2021
iT news

Why Hosting Support is important

While selecting a web hosting provider, most people do not take into consideration the aspect of hosting support. The main features that are focused on involve ample security, the guarantee...

July 13, 2021
Tech Debates

5 best website performance tools

Your website speed is linked to an increase in sales, traffic and a rise in your rank on search engines. However, to boost your website’s speed, it is important to...

July 05, 2021
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