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Top 5 Data Center Management Application

Data centers are intricate and delicate spaces. They are made up of tens of thousands of different parts, ranging from network devices, virtual machines, servers, power units, cooling, and storage to name just a few. All parts are attached to power distribution units and to one another via underground or top-of-rack cabling. IT executives and NOC engineers find it difficult to maintain complete control over every aspect of their data center environment. The majority of the time, Excel and Visio are used to manage their data centers. But using a spreadsheet to......

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Top 5 Outstanding Linux Tools Recovery Applications

It is safe to say that most of us lose important data on our computers at some point, whether through accidental or unintentional deletion, malware attacks, or permanent file removal. Some files include crucial information that must be recovered at all costs, and if you are not tech savvy, your only immediate option is to get help from etech support. But what if you could protect yourself in every way so that you never lose important data again? That is exactly what this post is about; we are going to see if......

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Differences between MariaDB vs MySQL

We’ll look at the fundamental differences between MariaDB and MySQL, two popular and widely used databases. We know that MariaDB’s fork was created to ensure future access to MySQL and the development of the database. Here we will look at the primary differences between MariaDB and MYSQL that you should be aware of before proceeding. What is MariaDB? MariaDB is a database management system that is open-source. The (RDBMS) provides data processing capabilities for both small and large business tasks. The MariaDB Foundation created MariaDB, which was released on October 29, 2009. MariaDB......

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What are the main Responsibilities of a Database Administrator

The database administrator is also known as a DBA. It has several roles to play and various tasks to accomplish. The entire responsibility of the database system, including securing, managing, and maintaining it falls on the shoulders of the DBA. Hence, before we dive into the job of a DBA, let’s take a moment to understand what DBA really means. Who is a Database administrator? A DBA could be a single individual or an entire team that is tasked with the maintenance and all duties pertaining to the database system. The amount......

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database administrator

Database administrators help the organisation decide the most systematic and productive way of gathering, organising, processing and storing data. Their responsibilities include directing and supporting the database structure, database server configuration, securing data of the organisation, server software installation, and creating data backups to avoid loss of data. Here are some of the most efficient steps you can take to ensure better database administration. Build delegation models and delegate to efficiently You need a good blueprint of your delegation system to keep a track of which individual or group is given what......

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