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While selecting a web hosting provider, most people do not take into consideration the aspect of hosting support. The main features that are focused on involve ample security, the guarantee of utmost performance and maximum uptime. With all of these features offered to you, hosting support takes a back seat because you assume it’s unneeded.  However, web hosting support is something that you will need eventually with all kinds of web hosting providers. There will always be issues cropping up that you require assistance in handling. An efficient support team basically helps......

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application server and web server

What is Server? A central archive that stores computer programs and data that can be accessed by clients is called a server. It provides various facilities such as connecting your various workstations with shared services, as well as, assists you in managing the resources of your network. You can also provide your clients with various resources such as software, hardware and data sharing. The servers are divided into two types namely Web server and Application server.  The Web-server The HTTP protocol is handled completely by the web server. When an HTTP request......

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