Choose The Best Web Hosting Solution For You And Your Client-Base


The number of web hosting providers and solutions available in the market can make it a tad confusing to pick the right one. Your customers are seeking for your guidance on which hosting type to select because each one offers advantages and optimal use cases. Make sure your customers are prepared for success.

Fortunately, with the right amount of research, you cannot go wrong with your decision in selecting a hosting plan for you and your clients.

In this post, we will be going through the different types of hosting solutions to help you make an informed decision.

1. WordPress Hosting

This is an aligned, augmented platform for creating and administering WordPress websites. The complete hosting infrastructure is designed to make WordPress websites for your customers run more quickly and safely. You can host multiple websites through managed WordPress. As a result, you have the ability to concentrate more on building the website for your client and less on executive chores.

WordPress Hosting is ideal for:

Managed WordPress is ideal for customers that require a straightforward management interface for their website. It is not technical and there is less to learn and manage because their hosting is concentrated on making their WordPress site work smoothly.

2. cPanel Linux Hosting

Due to the fact that cPanel operates on a Linux server, makes it fantastic because it supports almost anything you would require and need for your website, including online stores, WordPress blogs, and much more. If you aren’t aware of the Linux infrastructure, you don’t need to worry. You don’t require to be familiar with Linux and the cPanel dashboard because the functionality is simple enough for you to learn and operate.

cPanel Linux Hosting is ideal for:

Practically every website requirement that you or your customer may have is catered for. However, it is better if you are familiar with the Linux environment or are open to learning something new because these are additional setup requirements and options for managing the hosting account.

Depending on the hosting provider you choose, you might be in charge of overseeing updates, plugins, and backups for your website.

3. Plesk Windows Hosting

The idea that you have to utilize Windows Hosting only if you have a Windows PC is a misapprehension. Your computer’s operating system has no bearing on the kind of server you’re on.

If you need or wish to use ASP.NET, .NET, or MSSQL databases on your website, you will have to choose Windows Hosting. All of them call on your server’s Windows OS to be running. But, Windows Hosting also supports almost everything that the majority of consumers require or desire for their websites, including MySQL and WordPress.

Plesk Windows Hosting is ideal for:

You should choose Windows if you are creating a website that uses ASP.NET, .NET, or MySQL databases. You must operate your website on a Windows Hosting infrastructure if you intend to use a CMS (Content Management System) like DotNetNuke.

4. VPS Hosting

VPS offers fast performance thanks to the secluded infrastructure, virtual dedicated server compartments, SSD storage, and RAM that are not shared with any other user. In comparison to shared hosting, this leads to better performance, increased protection, server control, and increased flexibility. VPS hosting also offers more resources, storage, speed, bandwidth, a quicker page load time, and limitless traffic compared to shared hosting.

Also, you can access and modify the configuration, server logins, and system files with complete root access. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of applications you can install.

Linux and Windows are both available through VPS hosting. You can choose between WHM, Plesk, and cPanel as your choice of control panel.

VPS hosting is ideal for:

If you want full root access to your hosting account then VPS hosting is an excellent option. With SSH keys, you will have complete root access for complete control, and the command lines give you freedom and power. In addition, you will be provided with a variety of scalable performance choices with adaptable server setups.

VPS hosting is the ideal option for eCommerce websites with a lot of traffic, websites with a heavy-resource application, test environments, and clients with their own email or database server.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name indicates, a dedicated server means just that. A server that is dedicated solely to you.

A dedicated server offers greater performance, resources, bandwidth, page load time, and traffic. You will not have to worry about sharing resources with any other website or user because the server is entirely yours. The dedicated server is set up specifically for your website when you buy one.

Website, web hosting, databases, streaming videos, applications, games, and more are a few examples of the power of a dedicated server. Moreover, more than one can be used for even greater performance potential.

A Dedicated server is ideal for:

Web professionals, eCommerce websites, and big corporations are the target audience for dedicated servers. A dedicated server will be the ideal option for your customer if they run a large corporation, need dedicated seclusion, or require more resources than VPS hosting.


Web hosting is vast, there are many possibilities, and each hosting option with its own uses and resources. While a few of your customers will benefit from Managed WordPress hosting, many might benefit from VPS hosting. The hosting options that have been listed above should help you in deciding the right hosting option for you and your client base.

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