A Guide to Server Management Services


cPanel is a world-renowned control dashboard that employs a user-friendly interface based on the web. It is highly recommended by web hosting providers and users alike as an easy-to-go solution delivered at an affordable cost. If cPanel did not exist, running your server or website would have been cumbersome without obtaining technical knowledge. Understanding the nitty-gritty of complex technical terms can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Hence, cPanel allows you to use a graphical interface to administer and manage your hosting environment without any technical knowledge.

What is server management?

Server management is an all-encompassing term that can include varied things based on different service providers. According to server management outlined by an individual company, you might be offered a package of managed support services. However, another company could supply you with a contrasting package of services.

Broad definition of server management

Server management includes all the services as well as tasks performed on a server in order to manage it. These can include a number of aspects as listed below.

  • Keeping track of the server and the various apps are handled by the server. Monitoring their uptime, downtime, and status, as well as observing any persistent or newly born issues.
  • Ensuring that the software and server are regularly updated on the main server. The majority of server management companies include this in their package. Although there are still those that don’t. So make a note of checking before you subscribe to one. Regardless, it is still included in the term server management.
  • Various configurations of services, software, and server setup are managed by the server management. There are some companies that do not offer this service. However, most of them do.
  • So there is no given definition of server management. Different service providers offer distinct service packages that are still part of server management.
Who needs and uses server management?

If you have a server, you will require server management. There are individuals who opt to do their own server management, while others choose to hire professionals to manage their servers.

Service management is usually employed by corporations, novices with their own servers, web designers and developers, and most importantly, those individuals who do not want to deal with server management themselves.

Benefits of Server Management Services

• Quality server management work is accomplished by professionals

It is advisable to hire experts to do your server work as they have a great experience as well as the skills needed to manage your servers in the best way possible. It is a perfect way to know that all of your servers are being handled by people who have the greatest knowledge in the field.

• Cost Effective

Subscribing to a server management plan is a great alternative to employing a system administrator full-time. It will help you save a substantial amount of money every month, which you can then invest elsewhere to help your business grow. There are service providers who provide service management along with their servers. However, this can be pretty expensive. Acquiring them from a third-party provider is a much preferable option.

• No Responsibility

Round-the-clock responsibility of security, as well as updates, is dealt with by experts. So it does not fall on your shoulders. You do not have to spend time and resources in keeping atop the ever-evolving security measures and releases. It will all be done by your server.

• Faster Turnaround Time

The provider as well as the system admins produces a relatively quick turnaround time while dealing with various tasks and issues related to the server. It is both cost and time effective, as it is not only a more affordable option but also saves you the time it would require to gain knowledge to accomplish your task and put it into effect. The gravity and difficulty of the issue matter of course, but it is usually preferable to have an expert deal with it than grappling with the problem yourself.

• 24/7 Accessibility

The majority of server management companies provide access to their services round the clock as it adds to faster turnaround time. So you do not have to worry about encountering a problem in the middle of the night. Help is readily available.

5. Compare with other control panels

• Plesk Vs. cPanel

After cPanel, Plesk is considered the second most renowned control panel in the market right. Plesk runs on Linux as well as Windows servers. Talking about the cPanel then it is supported only by Linux Operating systems (OS).

cPanel and Plesk both have an easy-to-use interface that is pleasing to the eyes. There are people who believe that Plesk is even easier to use than cPanel, but that is a subjective opinion. Plesk’s control panel is centralized which allows you to input user credentials as well as Admin from one login interface.

Plesk also offers CLI management and allows FTP accounts, DNS management, and MySQL databases. It is a server control panel that is believed to be “WebOps”. Plesk offers you the highest amount of security, including safety nets like the Plesk Firewall as well as Fail2Ban.

Planning to build your website with WordPress? Plesk is perfect for you because it offers an automatic WordPress toolkit that enables you to control all of your WordPress apps from a single location. With just a single click you can perform various functions such as customizing plugins and themes, installing clones, migrating, and staging.

Integrating external resources like Dropbox and Git is made easy by Plesk. If you own a control panel already, Plesk will further help you migrate easily through a plugin.

The cost of Plesk? It offers you a $10 per month WebAdmin plan, along with other packages called WebPro and WebHost. Therefore, if you wish to employ a non-Linux hosting server management or want to opt for an easy-to-use control panel, Plesk is a good option.


cPanel server management is a highly cost-effective and reliable solution for the smooth operation of your server or website without requiring you to have any technical knowledge. It provides you with an incredibly fast turnaround time and around-the-clock assistance from technical experts.

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