cPanel – Upsides and stumbling blocks


cPanel is extremely well known all around the world as a user-friendly control dashboard that assists with all of your web hosting server requirements. Hosting providers as well as customers hold cPanel in high regard as the perfect solution to lay to rest all of the web hosting management troubles. With cPanel, you do not need complex technical knowledge in order to run your website or server. You can make various changes through the graphical interface cPanel provides, which is both visually impressive and easy to navigate

1. Advantages of cPanel

cPanel sports a package of extremely proficient user-friendly features that helps assemble powerful outputs for its clients. It is a Linux OS-based system. Let’s explore the various benefits provided to every cPanel user while employing its web hosting panel and server.

  • Simple to install

One of the most beneficial cPanel features is its incredibly simple installation process. cPanel has an incredibly straightforward procedure mapped out with a few steps that are easy to follow.

  • Interface

cPanel has a spectacularly simple control panel that can be easily accessed and managed by the user. It is a highly responsive graphic interface specifically designed in a way that can be simple to navigate. Therefore, it is unbelievably straightforward to understand and use the control panel system. cPanel provides simple commands to accomplish complex functions. Tasks ranging from easy to complex can all be performed in an uncomplicated manner. A few clicks can help you maintain and back up your system.

  • Size

cPanel operates on a system that is exclusively Linux based. It is a simple requirement that a cPanel web host has to follow. It occupies disk space of 20GB and needs RAM of 512MB in order to operate the system. All the resources at the user’s disposal, it is an extremely easy and basic requirements to accommodate.

  • Features

cPanel offers its clients a wide variety of high-end features that sets the system heads and shoulders above its competition. These features help perform functions such as online website management, hosting, and accessing in a seamless manner. In addition to this, an antivirus is employed to protect all of the cPanel features from malware and viruses.

  • Flexible

One of the most incredible features of cPanel is the flexibility it affords. You will be hard-pressed to find a web host that permits you to move from one web hosting server to another while making the process of transferring your website as well as all of its content so easy. It works smoothly without any technical glitches hampering or delaying the process.

  • 20 years and counting

cPanel has been providing its system management for 20 years strong. In order to have such longevity at the top, you have to be the best. It is a testament to the brilliant service and features cPanel provides its users.

  • Compatibility

A major advantage that cPanel provides is its compatibility with every web browser in the market. It works brilliantly with all of the leading platforms such as Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. In order to boost its website dynamics, cPanel opens its doors to add-ons by a third party. These include various types such as guest blogs, boards of digital marketing, e-books, and on-site blogs.

  • Support as well as reliability

cPanel consistently provides reliable 24/7 support for all of your needs, technical or otherwise. It also extends its amazing feature that automatically detects errors, which prompts the system to restart, thus providing you with a refreshed service.

2. Disadvantages of cPanel

While cPanel hosting is considered the top-ranking web hosting control panel around the world, there are certain features that are a letdown for its clients and administrators. These are some of the disadvantages reported.

  • You need the authorization to access files

One of the main pitfalls that cPanel users have reported is the need for constant permission to gain access to all files. If you are a cPanel user, you need to ask cPanel for their consent to access all the files you may require, which can be an extremely frustrating time-consuming process that can negatively affect the file’s responsiveness. There is a way around it though. You can change the settings of all the files you create to shell access and then proceed to apply a password.

  • Security concerns

It is a shame that a control panel of a such high ranking and powerful could lack a basic level of security. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality. cPanel depends on the software on its user’s server. This creates a loophole for hackers to exploit and gain access via a third-party source. Therefore, cPanel deals with a number of encryption problems.

  • Cost

cPanel charges higher fees for its services than its competitors, which makes it heavy on its pocket. It costs significantly more than all the other server management hosts in the market. It is without a doubt extremely proficient, but the users might not necessarily take this point of view. Especially for people starting or running a business on a small scale, it is extremely difficult to factor in such a high cost for a web hosting control panel. In such cases, regardless of the brilliant features and services, cPanel provides, the user might opt for another option.


Like every other element under the sun, cPanel also has its upside and downside. Its high level of performance and features has ensured its reign as the number 1 web control panel server around the world. Its downsides do hamper a fraction of people from hiring their services. However, the majority of the population finds its overwhelming advantages far outweigh its shortcomings.

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