Essentials of Server Management and Monitoring


A company maintaining servers for their information database often runs the risk of losing data when the possibilities for technology failure are not mitigated. These data losses often result to large financial detriments to a business. For instance, a clothing company may keep data about its customer base which it accumulated for 5 years. As a basis for new designs, this customer database may be the information foundation of their design team. The loss of such data could cost them revenue advantages over their competitors over time. This is why server management and monitoring is of utmost importance to a business.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for a secure server database depends on the size of the company. If a company as small as a downtown clothing store is using it, it would not be beneficial to use a super computer to maintain the database. For smaller companies, cloud-based applications like google drive may be sufficient storage media. For larger firms operating on a wider scale of operations, maintaining a database run by supercomputers may be an ideal requirement. If a multinational firm caters to the needs of customers across countries, their information levels could be at the millions in terms of data points. In order to process this load of information, high-level hardware and software are necessary, preferably customized to suit the needs of the firm. While this could cost them millions of dollars in spending, the fact that confidential and essential information is being kept safe makes the spending worth it. Most of the times, in this level of database management systems, having database support available 24/7 is a necessity.

Advantages of a 24/7 Server Management

One of the main competitive advantages of Facebook is that they never stopped operating since they started opening their servers. This type of success is attributable to an efficient server management and monitoring. One of the main advantages of an all-around server management is that server crashes which could result to data losses can be avoided. Constant maintenance allows a team to fix problems as they occur, because they are onsite. Another advantage is that data security can be ensured. In times where corporate data theft or hacking is rampant, a team handling the hardware and the software associated with servers would be able to stop any attack, whether on software or hardware. It would also be possible to create improvements to the software in the long run because they know how it operates constantly.

ConclusionServer management and monitoring is a necessary component of the modern business world because automated information bases allow companies to easily access these for use in operations. In order to compete, the complete maintenance of these servers is necessary in order to go with the pace of a technological business community. Server management and monitoring has become indispensable to business operations because of the faster pace in which companies are moving nowadays. Having reliable processes in place helps ensure the success of the business, because it is not situational in nature. Process improvement involves a repetitive action which the firm adopts in order to create ways to succeed.

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