Importance Of Providing A Website Maintenance Plan With Your Web Services


Freelancing allows you quicker professional advancement prospects as a website developer. You are also free to decide on your client, remuneration, place of employment, and a lot more. By providing website maintenance packages, you can provide your clients with something of value while earning steady revenue.

Observing website performance on a regular basis, backing up the data, and other tasks are all part of website maintenance.

While companies are required to maintain their websites up to date and safe from harmful attacks, many lack the time or desire to do so themselves.

Your customers pay a maintenance cost in exchange for the safety and security that website maintenance plans provide. It is your job to ensure that the websites of your clients operate faultlessly and in accordance with a maintenance strategy.

Some of the most important to point for your site maintenance plan

Let’s now go a bit more specific about the key services you can provide as a part of the website maintenance plan.

1. Updates

Whatever Content Management System (CMS) or framework the site employs, you must regularly look for upgrades and implement them.

For instance, plugins and themes for a WordPress site need to be updated frequently. In fact, updating your WordPress website once or maybe twice a month is highly advised.

A plugin’s enhanced performance can be unlocked by updating the website. Frequent upgrading decreases weaknesses and guards against site hacking.

2. Security

Cybercriminals try to hack a website every couple of seconds. Another key duty of maintenance services is protecting websites from threats. Whatever the size of the organization, websites can be hacked. As a result, you should place a reliable security program on every website you design and constantly check it.

3. Backups

Backups are necessary to restore the data of the website in the event that something untoward happens, such as an online assault, ransomware attack, or crash. Any website maintenance plan would be wise to incorporate this.

4. Observation

Your duty when using a website maintenance plan is to monitor and examine the functionality of the site. Also, it entails taking the proper action when necessary.

The following categories best describe website observation:

  • Observing website uptime and responding appropriately if it goes down for any unknown reason is known as availability monitoring. A broken website damages the company’s reputation and costs it a lot of money.
  • Checking the speed and effectiveness of the website is known as performance monitoring. For keeping a high SEO ranking and high leads, speed and performance are essential.
  • Monitoring a website’s performance is known as functionality monitoring. A poorly functioning website frustrates the user. A user will get annoyed if they kept pressing the contact form submission button but it kept going nowhere.

You should extensively test the primary performance of the site after making any significant updates to ensure it is operating as intended.

5. Analytics

Along with the aforementioned services, you may offer your customers data analytics reports. The Google Analytics dashboard can be used to gather data, and you can show your research in terms of engagement monitoring, demographics, frequently accessed pages and the like.

The report might assist your customer in improving what isn’t working and concentrating on what is. They will have a better knowledge of visitor behavior and, if necessary, seek to improve site engagement.

Advantages for freelancers of maintenance packages

It takes a lot of time away from your workday to handle websites, but it’s time well spent. The following are some advantages of offering website maintenance plans:

  • Regular and reliable income

Website maintenance solutions improve your cash inflow by maintaining consistency, as was briefly addressed earlier in the post. Including maintenance services in your portfolio gives you the chance to continue receiving payments from the same customer.

  • Additional affiliate commissions

The website maintenance plan includes essential duties like handling website hosting, safety, and backups.

With their sophisticated affiliate programs, the majority of web hosting and SaaS providers pay a set earning to the referrer for every lead or renewal. The providers of website management services receive extra money from this.

  • Loyal customer base

You may be surprised to learn that getting a new customer might cost up to four or five times as much as keeping an old one. By using website maintenance solutions, you may communicate with your customers frequently.

This results in a solid working relationship that endures longer than consumers that hire developers on an as-needed basis.


A wonderful method to keep steady monthly earnings and provide each customer extra value is to provide a website maintenance solution. Also, it enables you to keep up positive consumer relationships and eventually get repeat business.

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