Managed Server Hosting vs Unmanaged: Make an Informed Choice


All the vital functions of your business including email, e-commerce, and website are maintained by your servers. Your web hosting experience can be enhanced depending on the server solution you choose. Managed and unmanaged are the types of dedicated hosting options offered to businesses. You can make an informed decision by understanding the pros and cons of both types.

What is a managed server?

You are can benefit from the technical expertise provided by managed services. Managed server hosting companies offer a control panel to help you deal with some of the basic tasks, installing and managing software, as well as troubleshoot issues. If you choose a managed server, the configuration, as well as software installation, will be done by the provider. All of the maintenance will also be taken care of. Support is one of the most important features of the managed dedicated server. Any problems with your server will be resolved by the vendor.

What is unmanaged server hosting?

Unmanaged servers, on the other hand, do not deal with upgrades, performance, management, and server health maintenance. All of this is your responsibility. Companies that own departments of information technology are advised to choose managed servers. Keeping your server functional falls on your and your team’s shoulders. The web hosting company will merely set the server up for you. You can choose to go the unmanaged way if you’re confident in your and your team’s skill.

You do retain a web host in unmanaged hosting. However, the key part is the initial setup. The web host retains the responsibility to provide the hardware and ensure an internet connection for your company and website. If you solicit hosting accounts on an ad hoc basis to fix your issues, the cost will be high.

Pros of Managed servers

The benefits of dedicated server options should be taken into consideration while choosing your hosting solution. Support is the main focus for managed solutions. To guarantee uptime for your business and its vital functions, managed servers are the most affordable option. The provider rents his hardware to the client. In case of a problem, the provider is responsible to diagnose and take care of the problem.

Managed server’s main benefits include:

  1. Initial Setup

Your provider needs to install the proper software and operating systems, as well as configure the hardware. Optimum server configuration means your applications are secure and run without a hitch.

  1. Support

The support your business receives on a daily basis is one of the key benefits. The team is on standby to provide you with all the help you need at a moment’s notice. 24/7/365 availability is what you should look for in your provider.

  1. Backup and storage

Your managed service provider ensures that you have uninterrupted access to the data on your server. A business can tank due to loss of data. Hence, information backup and secure storage is an essential element.

  1. Disaster recovery

Your service provider should be able to reinstate your system with negligent downtime in case of a disaster or hack. Managed server solutions depend on data centers located at several locations along with steady data backup to ensure the safety of your information. The perfect hosting provider ensures uninterrupted customer and service retention.

  1. Server monitoring

One of the main functions of hosted web services is implementing software and tools for server monitoring. It is important to keep access, data, and communication completely functional at all times. There is continuous monitoring by managed services to find irregularities and fix them before they turn into a major problem.

  1. Security

You need to ensure the protection of your company by keeping a tab on activity and access as well as having an up-to-date solution, in case of a DDoS attack- distributed denial of services or a system infiltration attack. Implementing DDoS prevention can avoid loss of money and put your mind to rest.

  1. Upgrades

Your service provider will ensure your software is updated and security patches are up to date on your dedicated servers.

  1. Flexibility

The growing needs of your organization can be accommodated by a compatible service provider that helps your company acquire the required dedicated hosting. According to the season, there can be an increase or decrease in demand. Your server should be able to adjust to this up and down. Your host provider should be able to scale according to your needs and provide additional resources whenever required.

  1. IT cost savings

You do not have to spend on IT services when you have managed dedicated servers.

The usual expenditure to hire technological professionals includes training, recruiting, hiring as well as supporting the whole team. Salaries and benefits are huge expenses, plus having ample of employees available 24/7 to maintain and monitor the servers.

You can cut down on your employee cost by a huge amount if you outsource your IT requirements to managed dedicated servers. It is an affordable option that includes receiving high performance without investing huge amounts yourself.

  1. Control When You Need It

Managed hosting helps you gain access to a console for administrative purposes. The main areas of your application or website are aided by these tools. You can remove or add users, including new email addresses, and many such important functions.

Functionality, access, and content management are all provided by these web-based interfaces. It is vital to have these tools at your disposal to manage your website and its various functions, such as e-commerce, blogs, content management, and all the forward-facing elements of your business.

The majority of managed providers dispense these core services as part of their administrative functions.

When do you need managed server hosting?

The most affordable option is unmanaged hosting as there is no requirement to sign a contract for support. Here are some of the situations that can help you test if the provider can provide the resources and skills needed to take care of various issues you might encounter.

  1. Your server is being hacked.
  2. There is corruption of data and it is rendered unusable.
  3. Your site is inaccessible by customers.
  4. Your server’s physical location is compromised by natural disasters such as fire or flood, which makes accessibility or using the data extremely difficult or downright impossible.
  5. You need your server rebooted.
  6. The software requires an update or patch.
  7. The huge amount of traffic is taking its toll on your server, resulting in poor performance and slowing down.

The best choice in certain situations is a hosting solution. There is a technical team available at your disposal 24/7/365 to take care of a software upgrade or system error. A dedicated server including a team of professional experts can help resolve your issues using their skill and experience

Managed web hosting solution is more compatible with the following situations.

  1. Formerly shared space

In case your organization has used other shared server or public cloud previously, but has a requirement for hardware of its own, managed hosting is the way to go.

  1. Server reliance

A single tenant structure is highly compatible with businesses relying on websites, ecommerce as well as public access to information and data.

  1. Limited or non-existent IT staff

Managed hosting solution is a dream come true for companies with limited or no IT staff. You can focus on the growth of your company when your server management and fanatical support are provided by experts from an external organization.


Your business can be completely transformed with the implementation of the right server solution. Your organization can focus on the work that brings in revenue like providing the best quality of services and products, when you know the security and support are competently taken care of. Managed and unmanaged servers, both have their pros and cons. The essential factor is its compatibility with the needs of your business. Hopefully, this article will aid you in making an informed decision.

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