Proactive Support – Its Necessity and How to Implement It.

Proactive Support - Its Necessity and How to Implement It.

In the world of customer support, the term “Proactive Customer Support” hasn’t always been the most well-known. This plan may appear daunting at first, but it’s actually quite easy to adopt and put into practice. By employing proactive customer support plans, businesses like Amazon, Myntra, Hotstar, and Netflix can share some of the most amazing customer success stories.

Businesses that go above and beyond to make their clients feel valued will always hold a prominent place in their client’s minds. But how do these businesses differ from the competition? Do they provide exclusive deals and offers? Or do they provide additional freebies?

The allure of discounts and deals is not the key to these businesses success. The change is a straightforward transition from reactive to proactive support.

What does proactive client support entail?

When you go above and beyond to assist your customer in finding a solution, you are providing proactive customer support. This means that you take care of a customer’s problems even before they arise by spotting or foreseeing them and providing assistance to fix them.

For instance, Amazon anticipates inquiries about delivery times. Therefore, they inform their customers of the new delivery date even before they begin to inquire about any delayed deliveries. If the customer has Amazon Prime, Amazon will occasionally give them a free month of service or similar deals as a way of making up for the inconvenience, all without having to ask.

In comparison, reactive customer support occurs when a customer contacts your support staff only when they have an issue. Let’s look at why you require a proactive customer support approach now that you know the differences between the two procedures.

Why is a Proactive Support Strategy a necessity?

Enhances retention rate: A proactive customer support strategy boosts customer loyalty to the brand by a good percentage and enhances retention rates. The cost of acquiring a new customer is almost five times higher than the cost of maintaining an existing clientele base. Customer satisfaction rises as a result of higher retention and loyalty rates, which raises the average Customer Satisfaction Ratings (CSAT).

Increase in brand reputation: According to recent customer service statistics, repeat business from faithful customers is almost 5 times more likely, and referrals are 4 times more likely. Therefore, implementing the proactive support strategy can also aid in improving your brand’s reputation.

Your team is stress-free: As a result of your proactive support initiatives, you will have hardly any support circumstances to handle where customers need assistance.

Now that you know why a Proactive Support Strategy is necessary, let’s consider how you can develop a proactive customer initiative for your business.

How to start a proactive customer support program in your company?

The team, clients, and business must all work together to establish a proactive customer support strategy. The following prerequisites should be kept in mind:

1. Get to know your clients

Knowing your customers’ requirements will help you foresee their needs and create proactive support, which is absolutely essential. You can support them proactively if you know who they are, what problems they have, and what they require. Here are some additional suggestions for information-gathering strategies:

  • Examine consumer behavior
  • Find out what your consumers’ most significant pain points are by speaking with a few of your current clients.
  • Determine common problems by using data from the ticketing systems. Deal with them first.

2. Create a powerful support group

The most effective proactive support strategy has a strong team behind it; however, this is not solely the responsibility of the support team. Based on their experience and skill sets, everyone in your company can contribute to creating a solid proactive strategy. As a result, you will need to hire a diverse group of individuals from various departments and roles.

However, to support it, you’ll need a strong team. You must assess new hires and train employees who can act proactively train and put ideas from across your firm into practice.

3. Create a solid customer help section

Self-help forums, portals, knowledge bases, and FAQs are excellent resources for proactive support. Still, they are only effective when they are filled with interesting, instructive, and simple-to-follow content. Well-written, informative articles with FAQs can go a long way in proactively assisting your customer.

Summing up

In conclusion, proactive customer support is an excellent way to prevent service cases from piling up and is shown to help increase client loyalty and their willingness to make additional purchases.

And an even more feasible option is to outsource your customer support. An outsourced team is trained to solely focus on customers’ needs and satisfaction, giving you the time and effort to completely focus on your core business.

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