Infrastructure Security & Hardening

Secure your Server

eTechSupport believes server hardening is one of the most critical activity to be
performed on a server, considering the risk involved pertaining to  hosted data.
Our experienced team of security engineers can easily detect these vulnerabilities
and convert non secure servers to secure and risk-free servers.

Server Security and Hardening Service Specifications:

As a part of this service, our security team initially scans the server for any flaws and security concerns and lists down recommendations to address all of the concerns. These recommendations are then implemented on the server after consultation with you to help tighten the security of your server. Our aim is to ensure that your server is locked down and ready to run, securely at all times.

Quick Security Scan


Rootkit Hunter

Anti-Virus Installation

Host.conf and sysctl.conf

Memory Hog Protection

Securing Apache

Brute Force Detection

Web Server & PHP Hardening

Monthly Vulnerability Scans

CSF IPtables Firewall

Securing /tmp, /var/tmp

Removal of logs, software

MySQL optimization

Technical Support

This service manage by Level 3 Technical Staff, They have great experience and they daily manage all type of servers

server security

Immediate Action against Virus

Secure File Transfer Protocol

Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

Establish and Use a Secure Connection

Use Private Networks and VPNs

Monitor Login Attempts

Manage Users

Establish Password Requirements.

Set Password Expiration Policy

Update and Upgrade Software Regularly

Remove or Turn Off All Unnecessary Services

File Auditing

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