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What are the main responsibilities of a Database administrator

DBA is also known as the database administrator has several roles to play and various tasks to accomplish. The entire responsibility of the database system including securing, managing and maintaining it falls on the shoulders of the DBA. Hence, before we dive into the job of a DBA, let’s take a moment to understand what DBA really means. Who is a Database administrator? A DBA could be a single individual or an entire team who are tasked with the maintenance and all duties pertaining to the database system. The amount of expertise......

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database administrator

Database administrators help the organisation decide the most systematic and productive way of gathering, organising, processing and storing data. Their responsibilities include directing and supporting the database structure, database server configuration, securing data of the organisation, server software installation, and creating data backups to avoid loss of data. Here are some of the most efficient steps you can take to ensure better database administration. Build delegation models and delegate to efficiently You need a good blueprint of your delegation system to keep a track of which individual or group is given what......

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