Terms and Condition


Here, the customer needs to provide us a complete detail about and access to his services, policies and systems. This will help us in enabling the service to you and your end customers. eTechSupport.net will not be responsible for any problems related to your servers from the data center end. Also, eTechSupport.net will not be liable for any interruption in services caused due to downtime at the data center end.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation request needs to be filed by the customer either through the client portal or mailing sales for authorization purposes. As all fees are payable in advance, there is no cancellation fee. To avoid charges for a subsequent billing cycle, you need to cancel the service before your current billing cycle ends. We would recommend you to cancel your subscription before the next billing date.

You have the right to cancel your services for any service, but you need to give us prior notice of 7 days. We will not cancel services from our part without notifying you.

Refund Policy

We offer refunds on selected Server Plans that are advertised on our website. Most of our management plans have a 15 days money-back guarantee. After 15 days, no refund will be initiated. A refund request must be supported with a valid reason for our end. Asking for refunds without a proper reason will not be entertained.

The refund process can take place from 24 hours to one week. Please note that we will not initiate any refund for the automatic PayPal-based subscriptions. It gets automatically credited to your account under our billing system. We don’t offer a refund and neither guarantee a solution having an hourly support request.

Change in IPs

All our server management plans are not allowed to change the IPs of management plans or software licenses that are related to management plans. If you want to change the IP, we would recommend you to wait till the next due date or order new services.

No Coding and Development Support

We don’t offer any code or scripting support under our server management plans. We don’t offer website development or design-related support in any of our plans. If you need any development-related assistance, please reach out to our sales team.

Confidential Information

Each party involved in the agreement complies with maintaining all the confidential information of other parties in strict confidence. Also, theses parties at any point in time or falling to any reason will disclose any confidential information of other parties without the disclosing party’s prior consent. Neither the party is going to use any confidential information of other others for any purpose except for performing primary duties and maintaining rights under the signed agreement.

No party involved in the agreement will disclose any confidential information to any agents/employees who are not involved in directly while performing duties and exercises under the contract.

Once the agreement gets expired or terminated, each party in the agreement needs to return or destroy all the confidential information from other parties. Each party may use it for any purpose without the obligation to other party’s information besides the confidential information in a non-tangible form. Nothing under this clause will stop or restrict eTechSupport.net’s right to provide similar products/services furnished hereunder to other involved parties. You must also acknowledge and agree to the restrictions related to confidential information contained under this agreement. This, however, applies to general knowledge, skills & experience gained by eTechSupport.net or any of our employees while engaging with you.

Change of Conditions

eTechSupport.net holds the rights to alter and modify these above-stated terms and conditions on its disposal without prior notification in the interest of its users. All the changes done to this page are going to apply to our past version. eTechSupport.net offers you practical features for your business and the exact needs of your customers and this is why eTechSupport.net is the ideal choice for you. Other players in the same domain might offer you a fortune by clubbing all the functionalities that you might not possibly even use. With us, our support team will either pro-actively initiate a conversation with your clients or patiently wait for your clients to raise help as in when they need it.

TOS - Terms of Service

Non Solicitation

During the agreement duration for a period of a minimum of 1 year after expiry/termination, customers will not directly or indirectly engage, employ, contact any other person besides the person who is or was employed or appointed by eTechSupport.net. It would be best if you acknowledged that this agreement period is required for protecting the goodwill spirit of the business.

Trial Support

eTechSupport.net offers trial support for just 1 primary concern (we have the right to consider which of the issues are essential and which are not), known as the trial period. We recommend using the trial before making the actual purchase of the service. We will also not offer any refund for service having one-time setup or installation charges. Please read the plans carefully before making the actual purchase of the service.

Billing System

All our accounts work on a pre-pay basis. The customer is responsible for informing eTechSupport.net regarding any changes in the credit card type, PayPal's email address or any other information present on the credit card. The credit card accounts will be billed once a month. In case your credit card gets declined, you still have seven days to make the payment. After seven days, your account is placed on hold until services are paid for.

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