Live Support

Live Support

It goes without saying that customer service is the backbone of any business. Having various customer service channels like ticketing, email, live chat and telephone benefits to the company and to the customer alike. When it comes to offering highly personalized, on-demand customer service, live chat and the phone are the most obvious options. on the other hand, email or helpdesk support is still the most popular method of critical problem resolution.

eTechSupport has been delivering quality outsourced support services to web hosting across the globe since 2005. We can help deliver exceptional white labelled customer support and service to your customers 24/7 at very reasonable costs.

Ticket, Live Chat and Telephone Support

Believe it or not, email or helpdesk support is still the most popular method of problem resolution. Whether you work with a support desk or your own email system, we can manage it.

Hire live chat staff on demand through eTechSupport with everything included: chats management, training, QA and reports. Live Chats with their instantaneous nature can help increase customer value with fast resolutions and sales. Integrate support chat into your app or website and let eTechSupport provide an unparalleled live chat support experience to your customers.

eTechSupport can also support your customers over the telephone by ensuring all service calls are answered 24/7. Help your customers faster with a fully-integrated voice support team.

What we Offer

15+ Years of Global Experience

Proficiency in written and spoken English

Cater to Customers across all Time Zones

Escalation Matrix

Available All Day, Every Day

QA Team for Measuring Support Quality

Team of Qualified Engineers

100% White Label Support

Faster Resolution of Customer Complaints

1000s of Positive Customer Reviews

Specialization in Web Hosting

Defined SLAs for Response Time

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