Top 6 Factors of Managed Security Services

Top 6 Factors of Managed Security Services

Along with adequate equipment and guarantee, a security system needs to function efficiently. In the past few years, systems have become much more complicated, and few of these new technological advancements offer better advantages. A company cannot overlook any of these factors for maximum security.

However, for these systems to be operative they must be properly maintained, implemented, and looked after. While these concerns may be difficult for on-premise security and IT staff, they can be accomplished smoothly with managed security services.

Exceptional managed services include the following components:
1. Knowledge

Companies should opt to work with security implementers who are experts in developing security solutions that are tailored to the needs of the business. These specialists must be able to observe the facility, be aware of threats a company may face, and devise tailored solutions accordingly.

Security experts should be forthcoming about their certifications as well as licenses. And additionally, it would be beneficial if they provide references.

eTechSupport offers its customers completely dedicated expert personnel who are certified in all kinds of systems that we offer. Customers are also provided with increased system training enabling stakeholders to understand the entire system’s security

2. Rapid Response time

When a crash in the system takes place, it must be addressed as soon as possible. An adequate managed service provider will react quickly and do everything possible to resolve the issue in less than 24 hours. Most managed services providers offer services that are GPS-equipped for advanced service logistics.

We entitle you to unlimited, round-the-clock support. When any problem arises, our customers are moved to the front of the line to resolve the issue on a priority basis.

3. Diagnostics via the internet

Our Tech team consistently monitors the health of an IP-connected security system’s devices. If any part of the system fails, experts can at once identify and diagnose the problem. In most situations, the issue will be looked after and resolved even before our customers are aware of it. This proactive approach maximizes security while reducing downtime at the same time.

4. Accountability

A company must have the assurance and faith that its managed service provider will be accountable. If there are any problems or issues, a good service provider will take complete responsibility for them and resolve them with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

At eTechSupport, we ensure that our customers’ faith is always intact. We provide service report cards to our clients so that they can see how their security systems are performing.

5. Maintenance that is proactive

Regular maintenance is included in the best security service plans to prevent and block any crash, malfunction, or failure from occurring. A service provider should ensure regular upkeep each year to maintain the security system’s peak performance and avoid downtime.

Our server security and hardening plan include annual or bi-annual remote preventative maintenance by an expert to ensure that your system is always in good working order. Our customers also receive status alerts that the system is being worked on, detailing the actions that are being taken. Consumers are also given the specialist’s contact information in case they have any questions.

6. Diverse, adaptable security plan

Different businesses have different security requirements. These requirements are determined by a number of factors, including the firm’s location, size, purpose, and distinctive nature of potential threats. For instance, an educational institution’s security requirements are vastly different from a financial institution, government sector, or urban clothing store.

Furthermore, security may change depending on the circumstances. A retail store, for instance, may need to change security due to nearby robberies that have targeted similar businesses. Unlike traditional in-house security solutions, which rely on obtaining staff or purchasing new equipment, a managed security service plan can quickly adapt to a heightened or new environment, adding or changing plans and equipment as needed.

eTechSupport enables our customers to devise a plan at their convenience. You can modify your plan without any hassle. We also allow businesses to take advantage of significant savings on new products and system upgrades. This enables businesses to obtain the most recent and cost-effective security features at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

Why choose eTechSupport?

eTechSupport is an all-around managed service provider offering advanced security, testing, and support services. Our managed security service combines market-leading offensive and defensive security expertise with a diverse set of technologies and intelligence sources to assist businesses in detecting and responding to advanced cyber threats across networks.

We provide quick, customizable, and scalable deployment options, as well as a customer-centric approach, and we collaborate with our clients to deliver the tangible insights required to significantly improve their cyber security position and meet compliance standards.

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