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Outsourced Web Hosting Support services are designed primarily to meet the
needs of small, medium as well as large web hosting companies.

Our Approach

Rather than investing time on taking care of technical support issues from existing customers or hiring in-house staff for the same, we allow hosting companies to focus on business development and company growth by taking up the entire ownership of day-to-day support operations as they themselves would.


What we Offer

Expertise in Server/Web Migrations on any control panels.

A Team of LI, LII & LIII Techs to support 24/7/365 Operations.

A QA to audit support instances & feedback to Technical Manager.

All SOPs & Server Credentials saved in a secure folder.

Access to secure folder limited access to assigned techs.

LI & LII Techs with minimum 3 years’ experience

cPanel + Redhat Certified Staff

LIII Techs with minimum 6 years’ experience.

VMware, cPanel + Redhat Certified LIII Techs.

Detailed Monthly report at the start of every new month.

Direct communication with technicians via email and chat.

Expertise in Server Troubleshooting & Server Monitoring.

Server Hardware & Software Audits & Datacenter Coordination.

24x7x365 Availability including National Holidays.

Why Choose Us

15 Years of Extensive Experience

200+ Support Staff

Experience in handling large projects

Global Customer Base

Strong focus on business requirements

Experienced and Certified Staff

Customer First Approach

No Compromise on Quality

Result Oriented Leadership

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution that helps boost efficiency by bringing in a company or person to take care of tasks and responsibilities like taking care of operations and providing services that were earlier accomplished by employees of the company itself. Basically, hiring experts from the industry to accomplish the tasks of your company is called outsourcing. The process of sending your work outside your enterprise is also known as contracting out.

Third-party providers are a huge part of outsourcing including various companies like IBM providing IT help or bringing in independent workers or repertory professionals. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

The outcome of outsourcing can vary depending on different scenarios but the advantages sure outweigh the pitfalls.

Benefits can include being a cost effective solution as freelance workers charge less. Since they are experienced professionals, you get to benefit from their expertise and variable capacity. You get multiple opinions that can help shape your strategy, as well as, gain access to various resources and skill sets. In case your circumstances change, your outsourcing resources can scale to accommodate your needs. You get output faster and more efficiently. You do not have to invest as much as you would if you hired in-house staff and experts to do the same job. You get unlimited access to various skill sets like leadership and innovations. 

The limited downfall of outsourcing includes the possibility of your freelance workers not having the same amount of knowledge about various elements of the work, especially if you haven’t checked their credentials thoroughly. There could be various hurdles like culture and language across various regions and countries, as well as time zone problems. You might also face problems with controlling every aspect of the work being done.

Why should I outsource my customer support?

The reason a huge number of businesses are turning to outsourcing their customer service is because it is incredibly advantageous. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Less of workload on your in-house employees

If you’re just starting out, or you have a small to medium business, you might have to burden your workforce with several different tasks . Dealing with emails and phone calls from customers could be a tedious activity that your employees have to deal with instead of focusing on core activities that could generate revenue, like sales. Outsourcing your customer service could be extremely beneficial for both you and your employees as there will be a lot of time saved all around, which you can dedicate to important tasks.

  1. Cost effective

You do not have to agree to a given salary or provide any benefits when you bring in contract workers like professionals to handle call centers. Plus you also do not need to provide equipment to your customer service employees which helps you save resources. If you hired someone in house to take care of customer support you will have to furnish them with computers and all the software that is needed could cost your company a hefty amount, including a functioning headset. You also have to spend on other facilities such as a chair, desk, office space, etc. This could bring your average investment to a remarkable amount which can be easily avoided if you outsource it.

  1. Around the clock coverage

Customers could encounter a problem at any time of the day which means they could contact your customer support for assistance regardless of your work hours. Customer care can be provided around the clock in the form of call centers especially if your business demands it.

  1. Customer service in a variety of languages

If your business provides customers with their services or products in several different regions of the world, the queries could come back in different languages as well. Hence, outsourced customer support could provide you with staff that can speak various languages such as Spanish and Japanese, among many others. Hence, your customers will also find it more comfortable to conduct business with an enterprise that will provide customer service in a language that they understand and help solve their problems completely.

Why should I trust etechsupport.net

Etechsupport allows all control panels to benefit from their professional server or web migrations. You can benefit from our QA to offer our technical manager expensive valuable feedback to help us meet your needs even more effectively and to audit support events. You gain all day, all year around support from technician experts of LI, LII & LIII levels. The LI and LII technicians are hired based on at least 3 years of verified experience, while LIII needs a minimum of 6 years, along with VMware, cPanel + Redhat Certification. A small group of technicians get to access your sensitive and highly confidential information. Your SOPs & Server Credentials are kept in a safe folder. 

Additionally, you will receive a monthly report at the beginning of the month detailing all aspects of your support. You can get in touch with our technicians easily through chat and email. You can coordinate with your data centre for hardware as well as software server audits. You have done it with the best experts at your disposal to monitor your server and aid you in server troubleshooting.

We have more than 200 support staff at your disposal with more than 15 years of expertise in the field of taking care of his global customer based projects. We have your business requirements as the focus of our certified and experienced staff. Customers come first and we provide the best quality services.

Is my information kept secure?

Security issues are the biggest concern of companies worldwide that want to outsource several elements of their business. It is a valid worry since most of the information is confidential and sensitive which makes it dangerous to share it outside to a third party. However, outsourcing can be a very safe process if you follow simple rules such as choosing the right partner to handle your responsibilities and gain access to your information. Encoding an information property policy, keeping data safe with efficient training and employing good storage devices are some of the basic things you can do to boost safety.

Providing limited access, avoiding leaks in traffic, auditing network safety and employing technologies that can help keep your information secure are all things you can do.

Is an outsourced web hosting support better than an in-house team?

Whether you opt for an in-house or outsourced web hosting support, both are going to come along with their advantages and disadvantages. Outsourcing basically entails passing on your hosting support responsibilities to a trusted third party. There are several pros and cons for both based on flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and professional expertise. These can give you an insight into the kind of service you can expect. Most of the small to medium-sized companies elect outsourcing rather than in-house as it is much more cost and time-efficient. Hence, outsourcing hosting support definitely had more advantages than disadvantages. However, you need to ensure that you provide restricted access to your employees who get to access sensitive information using a variety of devices. Monitoring and managing your server are Josh elements that can help you succeed in your hosting business. So conduct due diligence before you make the leap.

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