What are the advantages of having a dedicated IP for your website

What are the advantages of having a dedicated IP for your website

This article will help you in understanding the advantage of having Dedicated IP address for your Website. A Dedicated IP address is something that is given to your website and is not shared with any other websites.

Let’s take a fresh look at the advantages of having a Dedicated IP address:

1. Quick admission to the website:

  1. You might want to view your website immediately with FTP sometimes.
  2. You can view your server remotely at any point if you have a dedicated IP address.
  3. There may be times when you need to see your website using its IP address.
  4. For example, suppose you haven’t yet published your website and want to check how it looks before doing so.
  5. Your dedicated IP address will allow you direct server access without asking you to update your domain’s DNS settings.\

2. Essential for some programs:

  1. A dedicated IP address may be essential if you have a specific server setup or if your site needs specialized scripts and programs to function.
  2. Due to the extensive use of shared IP addresses, most apps will work properly with one.

3. Deliverability of Email:

  1. When an IP address is used for bad acts such as spamming, it earns a poor impression.
  2. When it comes to ISPs and transport rates, the reputation of an IP address might affect your delivery rate as well as your ability to reach your users’ mailboxes.
  3. You can’t regulate what type of traffic passes through a shared IP address because it’s used by different customers.
  4. Using a dedicated IP address for email shields your web activities from the effects of other users’ misuse.
  5. If you’re generating a lot of business emails, you should consider using a third-party emailing platform.

4. Server Control at a World Class level:

  1. You can perform a lot more with your server when you’re using a dedicated IP address. You’ll have a lot more flexibility and software solutions because you’ll have direct admin rights.
  2. Of course, if you have the technological ability to back it up, this is a solution.
  3. You may set up your own IP-based dedicated server with a dedicated IP address.
  4. Obviously, you’ll need permission from your host to do so. But, if you need this level of control for your website or online projects, a dedicated IP is the method to go.

5. For Your SSL Certificate:

  1. Installing an SSL certificate used to demand having a dedicated IP address.
  2. Although this is not usually the norm with every hosting service, it is still demanded by some.
  3. It depends on your hosting configurations.
  4. Some server configurations will require it, while others will be able to install an SSL certificate on a shared host via SNI.

Finally, you may benefit from a dedicated IP address in terms of performance and security.

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