Why Do You Need Server Support?


A server uses the local network or the internet to go through requests and provide data to the relevant device. Web server is the most renowned kind of server where anyone with internet can access web pages through a web browser. There are many kinds of servers like the ones that store data called file servers. A server provides information in the form of data to devices that are connected to it. Local area network, also known as LAN, or wide area network called WAN is used to connect clients to a server using the internet. Once someone connects to the server, all the information within it including various files and programs can be accessed by the individual from the server.

Why is a server required?

A server takes care of a lot of responsibilities. For example, a server might be used to decide who all can access the network, do print jobs, manage emails exchange, or accomplish website hosting. There are some servers that are assigned to a given task, usually called dedicated servers. Shared servers on the other hand provide their resources to several users and take care of DNS, emails and FTP. 

You can dictate the setup of your server to be compatible with the needs of your business. You can also have a whole server dedicated to you, or you can choose to share it. Regardless of the distance between two individuals, servers can bridge it and form a line of communication. It can also be used all day around to perform various intensive tasks. These are all things that human beings would need huge resources to do themselves. 

Servers are responsible to handle any disruptions and hurdle a business encounters without hampering performance and company revenue. In order to accomplish this, it is vital to have responsive and proactive server support services at the ready 24/7, to ensure that everything is updated and all malicious attacks are kept at bay while the business runs smoothly.

  • When do you require server support?
  • When you are worried that your server can be attacked by malware and viruses.
  • When you do not process the required resources or traffic to take care of tasks related to internal server support.
  • When you have to add or reduce the number of resources your business requires quickly without letting it affect the functioning and other capabilities of the server.
  • When you believe having a team of professionals ready to handle issues 24/7 is better than building and paying for an in-house team that works 9-5.
  • When your server cuts out often or lags and is generally slow.
  • When you do not want to invest huge amounts of monetary resources in maintaining your own in-house servers.
  • When you have trouble managing the responsibilities of the server.
  • When you believe the advantages of outsourcing server support services will give you more time to focus on your core responsibilities.

What do server support services entail?

Creating data Backups

Data loss is one of the biggest causes of business failure. To avoid this it is crucial to perform backups regularly to keep your sensitive and irreplaceable data safe. Server support services handle the responsibility of creating regular backups so data loss caused by natural causes and malicious attacks does not set your business up for failure. You should also ensure the integrity of your backups.

Application and OS update

Updating your operating systems and all of the applications is an essential element that server support services take care of. They keep an eye out for any new updates for your applications and operating system so that your system can function without a glitch.

Disk application and RAID warning

Server support services ensure your servers are working at the perfect speed by keeping a lookout for unneeded cookies, logs and such irrelevant data. Plus, they also pay heed to RAID alarms while employing RAID configuration, as one compromised hard drive can affect the whole server or worse, take it down.

Maintaining the physical server

To have your server work optimally, server support services also look after its physical well-being. There are several things that can cause damage to the server including overheating and dust collection that could lead to malfunction.

Get experts on board

You need professionals with the highest amount of expertise and experience to maintain your server and take care of all the elements that have a direct impact on your performance. It is always preferable to bring third party experts or firms to provide server support services.


Server support services provide you with a system that helps maintain the integrity and smooth functioning of your services. Your business receives a boost in performance and revenue as there is a distinct decrease in downtime, problems are preemptively taken care of and data loss is avoided by regular backups that provide your business with a strong backbone of support.

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